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in just 28 days!

What a "Paint By The Numbers" Approach can teach you about Multiplying Your business!

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Multiply Your Magic Challenge

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in just 28 days!

What Champion Unicorn can teach you about Multiply Your Magic!

"Dan basically brings out the best in the sales professional"

—Mike L, Executive Account Manager

"Dan helps you make it happen"

—Ryan M, Account Manager

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With this high-performance Challenge...

High-Performance Challenge:
28-Day LIVE Challenge Coaching

($197 VALUE)

This 28 day challenge is the secret to becoming more productive. After 27 years in transportation & logistics sales, this Step-By-Step process creates immense business and raving clients so you can make in impact. 

The High-Performance Logistics Sales Course

($497 VALUE)

This six-week fully immersive program has been the gateway fro countless salespeople in logistics and transportation. 27 years of development went into this step-by-step sales process. 

Step into the top 3% of the market...

The High-Performance Weekly Q&A Calls

($800 VALUE)

Every week we get on a live Q&A call to help walk you through any challenges or obstacles. These calls will be recorded and added into your members area to help you learn from others Q&A. 


 BONUS #1: The Value Stacking Proposal Guide "Tips, Tricks & Tools To Become Legendary In Closing Deals" 
Make your proposals so irresistible that no one can say no. Turn the entire function into an event and take money out of the game. 

($97 VALUE)

 BONUS #2: The Ultimate RFP Playbook "Multiply RFP Victories" (The Insiders Guide to winning RFP's )
If not done correctly, RFP's can be the biggest drain on your business, this insider guide is a collection of POWERFUL RFP strategies that have helped countless salespeople win more RFP's with ease! 

($97 VALUE)

 BONUS #3: "Legendary Leaders" Building The Business Brain (ebook)

When you're in commission sales, you become your own boss. You're the CEO of your life and with that, comes a different , more strategic mindset! 
Building The Business Brain will share strategies to transition seamlessly.  



$1,707.97 ONLY $97!


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you take the challenge seriously and do the work, then see no results or advancement, then simply ask for a refund... No questions asked.

I’m certain that given enough time and effort, trial and error, you could figure out everything I have in The 28 Day High-Performance Sales Challenge for free, on your own.

Of that I have no doubt, because the use of The 28 Day High-Performance Sales Challenge is simple once you get rid of what not to do.

However, how much do you value your time? I know without the slightest doubt that the shortcuts you get with The 28 Day High-Performance Sales Challenge will save you 100+ hours of figuring it out on your own. But forget that. Let’s say it only saves you 25 hours. Forget how much easier it will be than figuring it out on your own... forget how much face you’ll save not making the same dumb mistakes I made trying to figure it out... forget the feeling of confidence you’ll have following a proven system instead of breaking trail in foreign territory.
Let’s just talk time. If the only thing you saved was 25 hours by investing in The 28 Day High-Performance Sales Challenge
Let’s do the math. The investment is $97. Now, divide that by 25. Now, if you make less than that amount per hour currently, then this is not a good deal for you. But if you value your time as more than what basically amounts to minimum wage... around what the average McDonalds employee is earning (and no offense to them, that's hard work... but I don't think you want to do it!)....then this is a great deal for you. Because, in addition to getting everything you need to achieve your most ambitious goals, you now have an extra 25 hours of freedom to enjoy in your life. And when you combine that with all those crazy benefits and bonuses you just saw...well, you know the only choice you can make is to sign up right now

here's everything you'll get...

  • High-Performance Challenge: 28-Day LIVE Challenge Coaching ($197 Value)
  • The High-Performance Logistics Sales Course (HPLS PRO) 6-Week Full Immersive Online Course ($497 Value)
  • Weekly High-Performance Q&A Calls every week during the challenge, we have a Q&A call for 90 minutes to review and assist in your sales process ($800 value)
  • BONUS #1: The Value Stacking Proposal Guide "Tips, Tricks & Tools To Become Legendary In Closing Deals"($97 Value)
  • BONUS #2: The Ultimate RFP Playbook:"Multiply RFP Victories" (The Insiders Guide to winning RFP's ) ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Building The Business Brain (ebook)"Develop The Right Mindset To Become A Legendary Leader" ($19.97 Value)


$1,707.97 ONLY $97


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you take the challenge seriously and do the work, then see no results or advancement, then simply ask for a refund... No questions asked.

"The salesman I am today is a direct correlative of the guidance I have received from Dan on both a professional and a personal level."

—Justin K, Executive Account Manager

"Dan is without a doubt, the most passionate and dedicated person I’ve met. When it comes to sales, Dan’s endless energy can motivate even the most stagnant of salespeople."

—Lori G, Sales Manager

frequently asked questions

 Can I really change my business in 28 days?

The short answer... YES, you sure can. It takes no time to make a massive shift in your business. It's all about the foundation that this challenge is set up to deliver. After the 28-Day Challenge, you will have a foundation strong enough to build a skyscraper on. 

 How will this help me sell more?

After 27 years of trial and error, I've figured out what works and what doesn't. In this 28-Day Challenge, you'll learn how to construct the foundation of your business and build out a slaes sequence that WORKS!

 None of my prospects are pulling the trigger, how will this challenge change that? 

People pull the trigger when you present the right offer and provide value to them. Yes... Value, it's a real thing, you just need to understand what value means to your prospect, then triggers WILL BE PULLED!

 My prospects seem to only be focused on price, so how would this challenge help me close?

Not all companies are focused on price. When you offer stack and add more value than the price you charge, companies buy. It all starts with your habits and how you move through the sales cycle. This challenge is specifically designed to have you reduce friction in your sales cycle, therefore doing all the heavy lifting for your prospects. 

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